Dr Craig Maasch


New Hope combines some of the precious upliftment projects done by various ministries and businesses across the globe. If you want to join us in making a difference for the kingdom of God, you are more than welcome to contact us at info@powerhouse.co.za

Power Mercy
PowerMercy is a ministry that provides God’s loving-kindness in various tangible ways. We have compassion for those in need. We feed the hungry and give to people in different ways, like food, clothing, etc.
SOUP KITCHEN FOR CHILDREN – New Crossroads, Cape Town
We are currently living in Nyanga in a place called New Crossroads. With our friends and family we started a soup kitchen for  children from the start of COVID through the grace of God.  Then we saw a need to have Sunday services with them before we give them the food.
FEED & CARE – Mitchells Plain, Cape Town, SA
We are situated in Walter Vrede Farm in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town. For 3 days every week we are feeding children who are neglected by their parents. Where necessary, we refer the children to the appropriate structures to be further cared for.
READING ROOMS - Retreat, Cape Town
40 – 50 kids are fed in the week. They are also trained in reading.
We assist in building temporary houses; showers: etc. for the elderly and those in need.
We depend on Businesses and people with open hearts to supply funds and on volunteers to assist us in the various building and upliftment projects.
HOUSE MADELITSO, Kleinmond, South Africa
Zehandi Missions South Africa started a baby house that provides temporary residence and place of safety to seven or eight babies/children from birth until about of 10yrs of age, who have been given up for adoption, are abandoned or neglected. The house, House Madalitso, is a place where babies/children can be cared for while they await the next stage of their life.
We want God to use our lives as instruments in obedience unto God.
Unfortunately, you cannot teach to a hungry person, so we strive to teach people life skills so that they can become self-sustainable and in return look after their own families and create a sense of self-worth in their lives.
We currently feed 40 orphans and 15widows in Malawi.
 Our orphan care leaders are Hilda Mukhowa, Blessings Kayira and Aaron Mukhowa.