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"Prophetic Word For March: Breaking Through...Out of the Box"

Doug Addison, Los Angeles, CA

March is a breakthrough month and it will be the start of God releasing new "marching orders." There will be a lot of shifting and changing happening. We will see a sudden acceleration of favor and rapid advancements.

Expect to see a lot of movement as God is realigning you to operate at higher levels than you have in the past. The saying, "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb," is going to be reversed. We are going to go out like a lion. We will see the start of new things. They might look small, but the result will be a greater impact.

March Breakthrough

Last September, I received two major prophetic words that are being fulfilled in our lives starting this month. God spoke to me that we are all walking through a season of pruning similar to John 15. Pruning is when God reveals and removes things that might have worked in the past but are no longer effective for the present time. The result will bring us greater spiritual authority, allow us to operate in greater anointing, and most of all, bring the deeper intimacy that many have longed for. You can read that full prophetic word here.

The second prophetic word is exciting as we are in a countdown to liftoff in March. Last year on Yom Kippur (September 23, 2015) I got a prophetic timetable based on the number 24. Many people are going to see a major change in their lives 24 weeks after Yom Kippur, which is the week of March 9, 2016. (Photo via Wikipedia)

God also spoke to me that when we (in the U.S.) set the clocks forward in the spring, things will begin to "spring forward" in the spiritual realm. The date for this is March 13, 2016. Watch for the first two weeks of March to bring some radical changes. We are going to see many sudden 24-hour turnarounds over the next 24 months. You can read more here.

Hooks and Limitations are Being Revealed

As part of the pruning process we are all in, God is revealing the places that the enemy has gotten hooks in us. Some of these attacks have been hidden or covert, but they are coming to light right now. It is important to respond and tend to these as they are revealed.

Begin asking God to show you what the enemy does not want you to see. In order to operate effectively in the new season we are in, we will need to fix a few things. One is our understanding of what is possible. We tend to limit God to our own understanding or experiences. It is time to let God out of the box of our understanding and prepare to be stretched! (Photo via Pixabay)

Another thing that God is doing right now is sending out invitations, and God is beginning to move in the lives of people everywhere. God is interested particularly in those who have lost hope, or have been in a hidden season, and those who have been rejected or wounded by Christianity. In order to do this, God is releasing new keys to help us cross over to this new season.

Fishing Story

In Luke 5, Jesus entered the boat of Peter and told him to put out into deep water. He instructed them where to let down their nets, and they caught so many fish that their nets broke. They had to signal for help from another boat, and they caught so many fish that both boats nearly sank.

Fish can often be symbolic of people, and water can represent the Spirit or the Kingdom of God. Indeed, the early Church, in the Book of Acts, experienced this as many began to follow them. To them it was equivalent to being in deep water, and the disciples were stretched as God opened salvation to people groups that were outside of the disciples' comforts or belief systems (see Acts 10).

Luke 5 was a prophetic parable of what Jesus is now calling us to. But there was also another fishing encounter that Peter and a few disciples had with Jesus in John 21. During a time when things looked discouraging, Jesus stood on the shore and called out to them to let down their nets. But this time He told them to cast them on the other side of the boat. Again, they caught a large number of fish, but this time the nets did not break. (Photo via Pixabay)

The prophetic message in the John 21 experience is that they had to cast their nets on the opposite side of the boat. God is drawing people, but they are not where we might think. Also in John 21, Peter had previously denied the Lord three times and felt like he had messed up. But it was in this encounter that Peter was restored to his Kingdom calling. Many people who have felt that they either messed up or have been hidden or forgotten are suddenly going to have an encounter with the Lord.

God's Call to Us Now

Look again at Luke 5 where God is calling us to mend the holes we have in our nets. The holes represent gaps in our understanding that have kept us from drawing in people that need His love and acceptance. He is also calling us to network just as they had to call over other boats to help with such a large harvest. Immediately after the large fish encounter, Jesus asked them to lay down their nets and follow Him. This is a sacrifice that God is calling people to right now.

This year many people are being called to lay down their own ministries and businesses for a time and help those who are starting to experience greater favor. The result will expand the Kingdom much more quickly, and it will bring a blessing to those who make the sacrifice. It is time to share Kingdom resources with churches and ministries that are about to emerge. (Photo via Pixabay)

Watch for these things to happen:

• Hooks that the enemy has placed in us are being revealed.
• We need to mend the holes in our nets, which are the things that have prevented people from experiencing God's love through us.
• God is calling us into "deep water" experiences, which are experiences outside of our comfort zones.
• We will need to try doing things differently than we have in the past (cast our nets on the other side of the boat).

Many people will be called to lay down what they are doing to help others for a season, and as a result, they will also share in the blessing.


Doug Addison

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