• 2016 The Year of Unfettered Boldness

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2016 The Year of “Unfettered Boldness”

2015 Was the Year of Unprecedented favour, which will continue.

It was prophesied that in 2015 we would see Government leaders reduced in their authority - in other words: ‘cut at the knees’ (as in the Book of Daniel).  In South Africa we have experienced this in a rather strange way, but this is only the beginning of what we are about to experience globally. We serve a jealous God and when leaders set themselves up to play God, they lose their authority.

In 2015 strange weather phenomena’s have been experienced. Planets were lining up, the blood moon’s lined up and weather patterns occurred that are out of character for many countries.

We are living in very uncertain times with the global markets being shaky, countries battling in ways that they have not done for many years.  

The Bible says that when you see these things lift up your eyes, your redemption is nigh.

There is a fresh confidence that will be released through the children of God.  Matthew 5: 14-16 says: You are the “Light of the world”. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Let your light so shine before men that they may see your excellence and praiseworthy, noble deeds and recognize and honour and glorify your Father in heaven because of you.

As darkness covers the earth, we will become lighter, because of a peace and authority that will be experienced in and through you.

Be sure to know what you want, because this is the Year where promotion and doing the many things that you have spoken about, will line up. Remember the power of what you say......it comes to pass. And 2016 will see much of that happen.

2016 is not the time to live life as you always have lived. It is a time to risk and listen to your heart; it is a time to step out of that “boat” and be the person you were created to be. It is time for you to expand your world view. Learn something new; do something you have never done before.

2016 is not a year of just sitting on the fence. It is a time to make that decision to be “bold” in all you say and do - and you will see a new dimension added to your life.

Remember: light brings healing, answers, peace and deliverance. We do not understand light, but we accept it. And when things are dark, the light and sunshine brings that warmth and healing. Do not try and understand; just experience and know that something fresh is flowing through you.

2016 brings a new authority; a new power of influence; new Divine grace. Expect the unexpected; expect the impossible being made possible.

People will stand up and take their country back and not leave it to the government to do it. But be in unity as there needs to be room for a new generation to rise. They need to be encouraged into releasing new ideas. Fresh governance will be seen in our land starting from 2016.

2016 will see people rising with a new energy, a new voice and a new capacity for change.

Remember you are the Light of your world; you are the person with unshackled boldness. Make a decision to have new energy and be part of this incredible army that Joel spoke about. An army that has never yet been seen, that move in their own column, but together .......an army with an energy not yet seen and in such unity. This is going to be a year of all years, a year of change, power and grace! 

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