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Fire Dance Ministry started in August of 2009 by Janene van Zyl, after the Lord had confirmed on three different occasions that His plan and calling for Janene was to start a dance ministry and to teach others how to worship the Lord through dance.

In 2006, Janene started with dance classes at her church and this is where her dance ministry began. She was one of the intercessors in the church and ministered through dance on a weekly basis. In September 2006 Janene took part of the Feast of Tabernacles for the first time and the next year she was part of the ICEJ group that performed the Feast of Tabernacles in the Cape Town Theatre. Throughout the year many congregations invited the dancers to come and minister through their dance. But it was at a prophetic conference in 2009 that the Janene’s own Dance Ministry was publicly launched. There were many requests for dance classes, but Janene waited upon the Lord first to confirm if it was in His plan. Then at the Dunamis International Dance Conference in Johannesburg in 2009, the Lord confirmed twice and the third confirmation came as soon as she had returned to Cape Town.

Janene became part of Powerhouse Ministries in 2009 and here she frequently ministers through dance and brings to stage different dance festivals. The Feast of Tabernacles was performed at Powerhouse Ministries for the first time in 2010 and about 35 dancers took part in this event. In 2011 the Pentecost Celebration Feast was performed for the first time at Powerhouse and has now become an annual event. During this Celebration feast many different dance groups are invited to take part and it is a great way to help bring the Kingdom together. This year the Holy Fire Dance Ministry also performed during Pesach. This means that all three of God’s festivals are being honoured through the dance ministry.

The dance ministry is prophetic of nature. This simply means that the dancer proclaims God’s truth through the use of their body. A deaf person should be able to understand the message being shared just be watching the dance. A Variety of dance forms are used and combined for ultimate worship. Anything from ballet to modern dance, contemporary, jazz, flag-dance, banners, “billows” and tambourine are being used. Dance is also a powerful way to evangelize and at two opportunities a ‘Flash mob’ dance was done in Tygervalley Centre and the dancers used this opportunity to minister to the people while they were in the shopping centre.

Anyone who is in a love relationship with the Lord and has a heart to dance is welcome to join the Holy Fire Dance Ministry. No previous dance training is required! You will learn everything you need to know, including how to implement the Word into dance and a new ‘language of movements’ that will equip you to freely worship and praise our heavenly Bridegroom through dance.


By being instruments of God and to minister to His children through dance.

To breakdown strongholds and proclaim God’s truth in the spiritual realm. Ps.149:6 - 9

To minister through dance and to full fill the great commission, to share the gospel and to evangelize. Luke 10: 1 – 11. 19 and Mathews 28:19 and 20

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