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His Life Purpose:

Mark is the senior pastor of Powerhouse Durbanville, where he leads an Exco team who live and operate in the Five-fold calling of God upon their lives, and a director of Powerhouse International Ministries.  He also develops and empower other leaders to walk in their Godly ordained purposes and destinies, fulfilling all that God has called them to do!

In 2011 while waiting on God during a difficult and challenging time, Mark heard God speak to him about his higher calling in life, and Casting Kingdom saw the light.  Wherever he goes and with whomever he connects, his heartbeat is to throw out the Net of God's Kingdom!  Mark's heart is to motivate, ignite, inspire and activate people through teaching Kingdom principles & life skills that will transform their lives and businesses.  He teaches from a knowledge of people and regards his life purpose to be a “Lighthouse” for people.  He has a Shepherd’s heart with teaching and prophetic gifts in interpreting the will of God, and he ministers as a prophetic teacher.

Having been in training & fulltime ministry since 1986, now more that ever Mark seeks the Kingdom of God in a deeper way, discovering the treasures and depths of the Kingdom that can be applied in daily living!

Mark is in the process of writing his first book "The Revealed Kingdom!" to be released in 2020, along with other e-books, Kingdom Inspirational DVD's, YouTube clips and other products on Kingdom Strategies.


His areas of gifts and expertise are:

Pastoral Care, Kingdom Discipleship, Prophetic Teacher, Life & Business Transformation Coach, Writer, Kingdom Strategist, Kingdom Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Group and Individual Coaching, Kingdom Advisor, Leadership Directional Coaching, Kingdom Business Entrepreneur, Flows in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Joseph's Anointing, Flows in the Breaker Anointing, New Beginnings Transitioning.


Marketplace Ministries:

Casting Kingdom (Pty) Ltd - A Kingdom Business for the Kingdom of God in the marketplace where he operates as a life & business transformation coach.  Mark has extensive ministry experience in consulting, coaching and mentoring people.  He was part of a dynamic team of life coaches at Maxima Training & Consulting, an apostolic marketplace ministry, where he qualified as a life coach in 2006.  He also travels as a prophetic teacher releasing Kingdom strategies and prophetic insights to inspire and ignite believers into the Ways of the Kingdom of God!  He teaches Kingdom principles as the foundational operating system for the way of living life and doing business.  Having a double mantle of church and marketplace ministry, his desire is to see believers in the church stream stepping into their functions in the body of Christ, and business entrepreneurs in the Kingdom establish their businesses as marketplace ministries.  His vision is:

  • To see people find and embrace their true calling and purpose in life, living in God’s Kingdom and experiencing His Presence on a daily basis.
  • To see businesses coming into alignment with their true kingdom callings and identity, becoming major role-players in establishing God’s Kingdom reign over the earth in the business arena by practicing God’s righteous principles as a standard of doing business.
  • To see the transformation to God’s Kingdom rule through five-fold team ministry in South Africa, and throughout the world.

BlueFlame Riders - He is also the founder of BlueFlame Riders that was birthed on 27 April 2016, a motorcycle Five-fold ministry team following Christ the King, lead by the Spirit, dwelling in His Kingdom domain, riding to manifest the Presence of God and establish His Kingdom in 12 major cities of South Africa, into Africa and globally to the rest of the world!  Therefore the slogan "At His Command, Under His Rule!"  A Calling to Kingdom Freedom for South Africa was established on Freedom Day!

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