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His Life Purpose:

Francois is the Founder and Apostolic Leader of Powerhouse International with more than 35 ministries globally. He loves to see God’s Presence invade all areas of life! His passion is to unlock potential in people and in business and to see people equipped and empowered to reach their purpose and destiny.

He did his Doctorate in Motivation and a PhD in Kingdom Finances. He is a Professor at Team Impact Christian University. He is regularly involved in Radio and has his own Television program. He is an international motivational speaker who traveled extensively and visited more than 30 countries including the USA, Russia, Australia, Europe, India, Pakistan, the UAE, Israel and the Philippines. He conducts Leadership Training programs and presents courses to develop Entrepreneurs.

Francois is a possibility thinker and he advocates the principle of multiple streams of income. He is people orientated and excels in people skills. He loves to read and write and continuously develops academic and other material for publication. He is currently busy writing his fourth book.


His areas of gifts and expertise are:

Developing Potential; Hosting God’s Presence; Supernatural; Divine Healing; How to flow in the Prophetic; Courtrooms; Understanding your Dreams; How to hear God’s Voice; The Father Heart of God; Spiritual Fathers & Sons; Preparing the Bride of Christ; Kingdom Lifestyle; Unleash your Divine calling; 5-Fold Ministry; Kingdom Finances; Breaking the spirit of Poverty; The Joseph’s Anointing; Leaving a legacy; Reaching the Nations; Spirit Filled Leadership; Church Planting.


Marketplace Ministries:

Francois is a trained and experienced Business Coach, Wealth Coach, and Life Coach. He is passionately involved in developing business potential to the utmost and is in high demand as a mentor. He was trained at MBCI (Mentors & Business Coaches International) and attended various business coaching courses. He facilitated on behalf of LEMON Leadership, Strengths Uniqueness Coaching, REP Consulting, etc.

He is enthusiastic about the latest neuro-science research and the breakthroughs in brain fitness it offers. He is the Principal of Neurobix Academy where brain profile assessments are done for children, students and the business world. In this Tutor Centre children and students obtain better learning results and amazing testimonies of breakthroughs were recorded. Coaching from a neuro perspective is offered to compliment brain profile assessments. www.neurobixacademy.com

As a passionate entrepreneur, Francois has served in Executive Leadership positions in a variety of organizations. He served as a Director and as a Trustee on different Boards and he was CEO of a Short-Term Insurance Company. He was Marketing Director of 2 Companies. Currently he is the CEO of Powerhouse, CEO of Winning Joy (www.winningjoy.co.za), CEO of Coaching Winners www.coachingwinners.biz and owner of his own Businesses.

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